New Small Building Companies Can Implement Safe Working Practicesction

Health and Safety is important in all aspects of the working environment. The construction industry in particular has suffered from a bad reputation for its health and safety record, and although huge improvements have been made in recent years, the Health and Safety Executive, (HSE), continues its strong drive to bring more companies into line with current legislation and recognised industry best practice.  The foundation of the construction industry is based on the numerous small building companies that exist, and it is these businesses that can make an enormous contribution to the overall standard of health and safety by implementing proven safe working practices on site.

As of the 12th September there were some very significant changes in terms of incident reporting at the HSE. We Quote “Only fatal and major injuries and incidents will be able to be reported by phone to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), with all other work-related injuries and incidents reportable under RIDDOR (see notes to editors) to be reported via one of a suite of seven online forms available on HSE's web site.” Common Sense - Common Safety : A report by Lord Young of Graffham to the Prime Minister following a Whitehall.wide review of the operation of health and safety laws and the growth of the compensation culture is fascinating reading. >> Common Sense - Common Safety Report

Health And Safety - Keeping Records and Breaking Them!

In 1974 more than 650 people lost their lives at work each year, in recent years this figure has dropped to all time lows! 2013 = 136 lives lost, 2014 = 142. If you look at the construction industry alone there were 45 lives lost during 2012 and 42 for the past year.

Health & Safety Executive’s Website Keeps You Informed

During May 2014 the HSE released a document stating that 70% of fatal accidents occur on small sites, often due to poor standards, while refurbishment projects are also high risk and that they will focus their inspections over the next 12 months on small sites and refurbishment projects, in accordance with the organisation’s Construction Division’s Plan of Work for 2014/15.

If you are a small builder, the Health and Safety Executive’s web site will keep you up to date and informed about all the aspects of safe working practices advising you :

  • The steps that you need to take
  • The information that you must be aware of
  • How to manage hazards and risks relating to  your workforce, your client, and the general public
  •  How to ensure your workforce are aware of, and prepared to champion safe practice
  • Interacting with the owner of the premises
  • How to seek out any further information to enhance best practice
We have made some basic notes around the various topics listed above. We hope that they are useful to you. The absolutely essential health and safety toolkit for the smaller construction contractor s a great download for all medium sized builders and tradesmen too! Please get your copy right away, its free and just one click away. we have also found this resource for you, where you can download FREE copies of Safety e-books with SafetyMatters >> Download Free Safety e-books

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