Don't Assume All Window Glass Is The Same!

Choosing the Right Kind of Glass for Your Needs

It's easy to assume that all glass is the same, particularly when it comes to windows. But this is not the case. It is wise to consider the options before opting to have new windows or doors installed.

The most popular types of glass for your home

Perhaps one of the most familiar types of glass nowadays is toughened glass. This is typically used in many windows which are a fair height off the ground where the sill is also quite low. It is also used in children's rooms and patio doors to protect against accidents should a child run into or falls against the glass.

Self cleaning glass is also worth looking at if you hate cleaning your windows! It is designed to let the dirt wash off whenever it rains, leaving you with nothing to do but to admire your nice clean windows. It can also be good for windows that would otherwise be hard to reach to clean properly.

Energy efficient glass is another possibility, and is particularly popular in conservatories. It is usually only seen in double glazed windows however. It allows the heat from the sun to come into the room without letting it escape, and thus provides a way of keeping the room warmer during the winter months.

Obscured windows will also be seen in bathrooms and toilets, since they do not allow anyone to look in from the outside. You may often be able to choose how obscured the windows will be and there are many designs to choose from.

The benefits against noise pollution

This can be most clearly seen with double glazed units, regardless of the type of glass you choose. If you currently have single glazed windows and you make the switch to double glazed, you will notice a significant reduction in the amount of noise that comes in from the outside.

Money saving issues

It is possible to choose different types of glass for different parts of your home. This gives you the best and most cost effective solution overall. For example it wouldn't be worth having energy efficient glass all over your home. But if you have a conservatory it would be more cost effective to have it than not. Always consider the options and speak to a professional in the industry to ask their advice on which kinds of glass would be best in each window in every room.

Think green and the environment

If you want to save money by reducing your heating requirements you should definitely consider energy efficient glass in areas which would otherwise require a lot of heating in the winter. As we have already mentioned, the conservatory is the prime area for this kind of glass.

While it will cost you more to have this glass installed initially, you can then save money in the future. This can be done through not needing to heat the room as aggressively as you would otherwise.

But it should be noted that simply switching from single to double glazing will have a marked effect on how energy efficient your home will be. You are likely to need less heating as a result of losing less through your new windows.

Does quality translate into a better product all round?

Yes overall it does. Double glazed windows with a high energy rating will help to insulate your property against the elements. If you can save more energy you will not only be helping the planet, you will also be able to save money on your heating bills all year round.

So make sure you explore the possibilities when you consider changing your windows or doors. The glass you choose could have a bigger effect than you think.

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