Comparing Quotes is Important When Searching for a Double Glazing Installer

Are you thinking of getting your old UPVc doors and windows replaced? Installing double glazing is a big financial investment to make. Double and Triple glazing is usually one of the first updates new home buyers make when moving in to a new property. We usually find that replacement doors and windows are closely followed by either a new kitchen or bathroom being fitted. Because of the high cost of good quality glazing products it makes it all the more important that homeowners do a little shopping around before deciding on which quote they want to accept.

FairTrades represents many hundreds of glazing companies, some specialise in replacement doors and windows, others in conservatories and orangeries, others still install and repair and fit soffits, gutters and facia. Every company specialises in one area or another! Many of the UK's biggest glass and glazing firms manufacture the units they sell too. This does not always mean they are the cheapest though! Contact at least three installers and ask them any questions that you may have, if you get informative answers and the company is happy to accommodate your enquiries you may feel more comfortable that you will be able to approach them in the future should there be a complaint or repair you need.

Always ask for a written quote, request that your written quotations include any queries and additional fixtures or fitting you may have discussed. Always ask for the companies insurance details during the quotation period too. Once you have your quotations, take a few days out to reflect on the individual strengths each company has t o offer you. One of them will surly stand out as satisfying the majority of your needs. We don't want you to be missing out on a potential savings worth hundreds of pounds, but we also do not want you to select a glazing firm which does not tick all your requirements either.

If you decide to get double glazing in the near future, make sure you follow the process above. Don't be tempted to get just one quote - it could cost you a lot more money to do so.

Why Replace Old Double Glazing At All?

It is always exciting when you start getting quotes for double or triple glazing, replacement windows & doors or a new conservatory. FairTrades has been the double glazing association of choice for almost 30 years to some of the UK's biggest and smallest installers! We currently have a very large database of double glazing companies just waiting to give you their best price.

Lots of people are feeling the pinch at the moment as far as their finances are concerned, so this makes comparing quotes even more important. Some people are looking to invest in their property in a way that will benefit them in the months and years to come, and double glazing certainly has that effect. It makes a home more energy efficient, reducing the amount of heat loss experienced and thus reducing energy bills at the same time.

There are several websites online that will help you get quotations from several companies that are local to you. This makes life easier when you are looking for double glazing quotations. But you should also do your own research and check out any local companies you know of that you have good recommendations for. Ask around and see whether anyone can recommend a company, since there is a lot to be said for getting the thumbs up from someone you know.

Using our business directory means that you can look through a selection of local firms as our directory searches are performed via a post code search. It only takes about a minute to do a search and every company that is a member has a business page with testimonials, contact details and even a quotation request form. The request form takes less than a minute to complete and you stand to make huge savings by comparing quotes form the companies in our directory.

Choosing Double Glazing vs. Triple Glazing Installations

Double glazing units have two panes of glass within a highly specialised PVCu frame whereas Triple Glazing incorporates three panes of glass. Different countries have different needs and here in the UK current double glazing replacement windows are considered to be more than efficient enough for our current needs. Currently the Building Regulations require newly installed windows to have a U-value 1.6 or less.

A normal house wall is around .3 in U-value by comparison. Double glazing windows absorb about as much heat as they let out while triple glazed windows absorb just a little less heat than their double glazed counterparts. Essentially, this means that double glazing can help heat up a home slightly better on a warm day, so along with drawing the curtains you really are doing as much as you can to preserve the heat. Thats where you may be wrong! Have you considered your chimney? Yes, it too is loosing you valuable heat, and its going straight up and out from your fireplace!

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