Rogue Tradesmen - Are You Sure They Won't Catch You?

Unfortunately, there are still a number of rogue tradesmen operating in the United Kingdom. Although steps are always being taken to reduce the number of rogue traders that are scamming people out of thousands of pounds, there are still a significant number of complaints made every year.

Unfortunately, there are many examples of people who have been severely overcharged for maintenance and repair work on their homes. Sometimes the work was not properly carried out or even carried out at all.

Rogue tradesmen usually offer to carry out 'emergency repairs', as it is easier for them to get work from people who need a job doing desperately. However, they also perform maintenance and less urgent work such as roof maintenance and driveway paving. For more information >> HomeOwners Protection Against Rogue Tradesmen

Doorstep Selling - Understand Your Rights & How They Operate

Doorstep selling is regulated and sellers must ensure that all sales they make adhere to the rules. Furthermore there are stringent laws preventing them from pushing people into buying something they do not want or need. This does not however stop pressurized doorstep selling and home owners should be warned not to engage with anyone who turns up on their doorstep to sell products or services without an pre arranged appointment initiated by themselves.

Enquiries and offers of services relating to home maintenance are usually the most common approach made by doorstep traders, with roofing services, laying tarmac; then paving and insulation work topping the list.

There is no law against traders going door to door in order to drum up business. But they must follow the rules applying to doorstep selling otherwise they would be breaking the law. For more information >> Ways For HomeOwners To Protect Themselves Against Unscrupulous Doorstep Sellers

Always Ask For A Written and Insured Guarantee

The law changed on June 6 this year when the provision of financial protection became mandatory as part of the self assessment certification procedures required for all residential new and replacement door and window installations; failure to provide evidence of cover will result in installers being unable to register their installations and therefore failing to comply with Building Regulations. Home owners should be aware that these mandatory changes do not encompass conservatories; although we strongly advise against home owners having any UPVc work completed without an insured guarantee, especially something as expensive as a conservatory.

An Insurance Backed Guarantee is an insurance policy that protects you should your home improvement contractor cease to trade, as defined in the policy, and is therefore unable to either complete the work or honour the terms of the guarantee given to you on the completed project. There are several trade types with the most well know being Glazing; however roofing, solar and kitchen and bathroom installers are also able to provide an IBG. For more information >> What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Home Improvement Projects & Glazing For Homeowners

The green deal has continued to encourage home owners to update their older glazing with newer, more efficient glazing products. Whether you are looking for ways you could make your home more energy efficient or you plan to sell in the near future; updating your glazing, soffits, fascia and gutters or installing solarpv are a surefire way to maximise your returns when the day finally comes. Other ways to improve the value of your home include extending upwards with a dorma room, outwards with an extension or conservatory and one of the most cost effective to make more use of your current outdoor space, by having a beautiful late afternoon sun facing deck built! There is a huge amount that you should know about glazing, solar or home extensions before you move on to getting quotes, here are a few considerations we have put together for home owners.

Double Glazing products by and large consist of skylight windows, conservatories and replacement doors and windows. The past few years have seen vast improvements made in the manufacturing processes for glazing products and glass and glazing installers have a huge variety of exciting products on offer. A good double glazing company should be able to offer you a solution based on both your financial situation and the properties need, so be sure to consult with the professional when you sit down to discuss the options you have available.

Home extensions require planning, preparation and plenty of patience. Do you want to increase the usability of your current space, add new space or simply modernise? Do you expect the work to increase the value of your home or is it more important that you simply maximise your homes space? Do you know about guarantees and warranties, contracts, competent persons schemes, trade associations and the many legal requirements that must be followed during and after the work is being completed? For more information >> Enter Our Home Improvement Projects Section

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