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To find a home improvement professional or local building company simply perform a search at the top right of this page. Our searches are based on your post code and will include businesses up to 50 miles from your home.

Performing a Search:
  1. Select the trade type you require under "I am looking for"
  2. Input your post code, city or town
  3. Click on the search button or press enter
The Search Results: :
  1. You will be presented with a set of 10 results
  2. Premium FairTrades Listings are displayed first (Yellow Border)
  3. Standard listings are arranged in order by distance from your home
  4. Clicking on the "View Contact Details" button or "FairTrades Business Page" for further details
  5. You are able to request a quote from any of the listings displayed via "Request a Quote"
  6. We suggest that you also take down their phone number too and give them a call during business hours

Find a Tradesman by Searching the FairTrades Registered Tradesmen's Directory

Find a Local Trusted Builder, Reliable Tradesman or Recommended Craftsman by Searching our FairTrades Registered Trade Directory Today!

Are you one of those people who will roll up their sleeves and tackle anything - the intrepid DIY enthusiast, or do you prefer to call an expert home improvement specialist - a vetted professional with the appropriate insurances, experience and  qualifications. Do you choose local tradesmen who belongs to a recognised trade association and, most importantly, will do the job properly and efficiently?

When you want your living room painted, your roof repaired or a double-glazed unit replaced to whom do YOU turn? If you are not fortunate enough to know someone who can recommend a tradesman, you will have to rely on an unknown 'tradesman', one who might easily make matters worse. That's not likely to happen when you use our 'Find a tradesman' directory.

To get a job done properly you need to find a professional local tradesman, someone you can trust, who guarantees his work and comes well recommended by the local community. The alternative might be someone who takes your money and rides into the sunset never to be seen again. Such rogue builders should never be trusted to work on your home.

Know what you want

Before you start thumbing through the yellow pages, you need to know exactly what work you need done. Having an action plan in place gives your tradesman a better idea of the job to be tackled at the quotation stage. It works in your favour too: your tradesman will be able to quote you more accurately, which means less chance of surprise charges later on and less delay in receiving a more detailed quote.

Find a Tradesman - For recommended tradesmen & local builders try our highly rated members

Can anyone recommend a local builder?

Picking a builder's name from the telephone directory isn't always the best option. You don't know their work ethics or the quality of their work. Good tradesmen gain their reputation through recommendation and referral from previous customers. If you know of people in your area who have had similar work done, drop by one evening after work and ask them about the home improvement company they used. Specifically, ask questions about the builder's timekeeping, cleanliness, the quality of service, any guarantees or warranties on the workmanship and of course whether or not they were good value for money. Value for money is not the same thing as the cheapest price! Cheapest is not always best; if you want a job well done, you often need to spend just that little bit more. You get what you pay for with building work just as you do with most things.

What if you don't know anyone?

Perhaps you have only recently moved into an area and so don't know anyone who could give you a recommendation. How can you find a competent builder? There are several web sites that deal specifically with finding and recommending trades people. HomePro and the FairTrades Association both have a very good selection of tradesmen listed in their trade directories, directories that cover the entire UK. Find the trade you need and scroll through the list of local vetted tradesmen. The listings will often be accompanied by customer testimonials and recommendations. The advantage of this type of vetting is that the tradesmen rely on the work they get from these directories and therefore need to earn and maintain a good reputation.They have a lot to protect and will go the extra mile not only to satisfy you but also to ensure that you are likely to recommend them. There's no reason why you shouldn't approach anyone who's recently had building work done and ask them for their opinion. Most people will be only too pleased to recommend - or warn against!

Get quotes from at least three highly rated people to get a better idea of what the job will really cost. Remember, a quote is a fixed price whereas an estimate may change depending on many factors. If you change job details half way through the job, expect a new quote that may be a lot higher. Also use the quotes you are given to negotiate a better price from the tradesman you trust the most. It is a great bargaining tool after all.

If your chosen tradesman is a member of a trade association or other professional body, give that association a call for a reference and also to check if he is still a fully paid-up member. Ask if the work is guaranteed and if so whether or not it is backed up by insurance; find out as much as you can and ask if you can have such insurance where appropriate. Be sure to ask just how long the workmanship is guaranteed for and what manufacturer warranties you will get. High quality fixtures and fittings will have a better warranty period, something worth bearing in mind. Cutting costs, as most know, often results in disappointment, When you have decided on which tradesman or company will do the work, get them to agree in writing to the exact details of the work they will do, when they will start, finish and just how much it will cost.

People to avoid

Never have work done by someone who has come knocking at your door unless subsequent enquiries prove them to be reputable. The FairTrades Association does not recommend that you sign any contracts on your doorstep. Any legitimate company will drop a flyer through your door and wait for you to call them. They may knock on your door to tell you more about their business and set up an appointment to discuss the proposed work with you at a later stage. This is a good arrangement and will give you time to do your research on their workmanship and find out if they have suitable accreditation. Never buy or sign any contracts during the first visit. Wait for any quotes from "local" tradesmen to arrive in the post, or even better, ask the home improvement company to drop off the quoted price a few days later and explain to you how they arrived at it. Any reputable tradesman would be more than happy to do so. Allow yourself sufficient time to study the quote and don't hesitate to raise any queries you may have. Any established local builder should be willing and able to explain and advise without exerting any undue pressure on you. It will be up to you to keep control and choose the builder with whom you feel most comfortable. That way you will be happy with the end result.

Keep the trades person's business card; you may need him in the future. If he did a good job, you will want to recommend that tradesman to others. If you found your tradesman on a website, make every effort to leave a referral so that others just like you can benefit from your happy experience.

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