Insurance Backed Guarantees Protect Investments Made In Your Home

Insurance Backed Guarantee Protect You, The Home Owner

Legislative Changes Make Insurance Backed Guarantees Mandatory For Glazing Industry

As of June 6 2014, the provision of financial protection became mandatory as part of the self assessment certification procedures required for all residential replacement window installations; failure to provide evidence of cover will result in installers being unable to register their installations and therefore failing to comply with current Building Regulations.
- See more at: Mandatory Glazing Changes June 2014

What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

It is insurance that protects you should your home improvement contractor cease to trade, as defined in the policy, and is therefore unable to either complete the work or honour the terms of the guarantee given to you on the completed project. There are several trade types covered by Insurance Backed Guarantees, the most well know are Glazing installers, however roofing, solar and kitchen and bathroom installers are also able to provide an IBG.

What does it cover?

  • Workmanship by your contractor for a period of up to 10 years
  • Materials used by your contractor for the period of the manufacturer's guarantee to a maximum of 10 years
  • Recovery of Deposit Payments up to 25% of contract value to a maximum of £10000. This cover lasts for 90 days from payment of deposit

Any other significant features?

If your contractors personal guarantee is transferable, home owners will also be able to transfer their Insurance Backed Guarantee. *Please refer to your policy document for full details.

Insurance Backed Guarantees Protect The Investment You Have Made In your Home.

Although home improvement is still one of the safest forms of financial investment, there is one pitfall that is often overlooked - A REDUNDANT GUARANTEE.

Most contractors issue a guarantee upon the work they have carried out, the benefits of which are realised should you have reason to claim for faulty workmanship or material defects.


Thousands of contractors, large and small, cease to trade each year. Guarantee periods can extend to as long as 10 years and much can happen to any business in that time, regardless of current stature. This is particularly true in today's volatile business environment.

If your chosen contractor were to cease trading you could be left with faulty goods, a guarantee of absolutely no value and the prospect of paying for the work to be done again.

Eliminate the Risk

The solution to this nagging fear is found with the HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee which matches the terms of the contractor's original guarantee, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Insurance, should they no longer be in a position to honour a claim you may have to make.

HomePro should be able to provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee on your contractor's work to protect your project from start to finish and beyond.

All registered HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee businesses have

  • Had financial and legal checks carried out on them.
  • Had positive references from former customers.
  • Agreed to work subject to the Terms and Conditions of the HomePro Customer Charters

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