Guide To Help HomeOwners Employ Reliable, Recommended & Trusted Local Tradesmen

Levels of expectancy and benchmarks for quality of service differ from person to person which is why Trusted Tradesmen firmly believe that using the process of "self vetting" is the only guaranteed way to ensure that you really do get what you expect from a trades person.

Deciding on who you should employ to carry out work on your business or home can be a daunting task, especially as in recent years the media have quite literally bombarded us with horrific tales regarding poor workmanship and warnings of the dreaded rogue trader.

You can't be blamed for being on your guard, in fact you have every right to be cautious as after all it's your hard earned salary that's going to pay a trades person to work on your project so why should you accept a second class service.

In our opinion the key to successfully finding the right trades person stems from:

1. Receiving recommendations from trade associations, family, friends, neighbours and your work colleagues.

2. Knowing not only which questions to ask before you employ a contractor, but also not being rushed in to that decision.

3. Getting to know the tradesman or his company by checking their membership of trade associations with those trade bodies, speaking to their former clients, and lastly by checking you are able to contact them at a physical office which they operate from on a full time basis. Do all of this prior to commencement of work

This is very important ... Some of the more unscrupulous tradesmen advertise that they are members of a trade associations, a good thing since many trades associations like the FairTrades Association are quite strict as to the competency level that must be displayed before they are able to display the associations logo, BUT are they still a fully paid up member of that association and has anyone checked by calling the association the tradesmen claims to be a member of?

Do your homework, follow the guide below and you should greatly improve your chances of finding the right trades person for the right job ...

1. Search the Trusted Tradesmen database for reviews and make a short list of contacts.

2. Check with an official trade body for reputable trades person's in your area.

3. Ask family, friends and work colleagues for their own personal recommendations.

4. Make sure that the trades person's membership is indeed valid. Check with the trade body every time, don't take a chance.

5. Ask the trades person to provide you with references. Check out the referees if in doubt.

6. Prepare a written description of the work to include the exact details of the work you want carried out. Include: start / completion dates & times, hours of working, benchmark dates for specific tasks, security and safety. Get a signature.

7. Insist on a written estimate. (Don't rely on verbal assurance). Get a signature.

8. Avoid VAT free and cash only deals. Your contract may be invalid if you've no proof of payment.

9. Ask about Insurance Backed Guarantees? They are usually provided free of charge to customers and reinforce the tradesman is professional. All new and replacement glazing work done must now come with a free Insurance Backed Guarantee, it's the law. Insurance Backed Guarantees are not available for all types of work, but are the standard for roofing work, kitchen and bathroom installations, conservatories, double glazing projects and even solar installation projects. As a consumer you should not be too shy to ask about your warranties, its your right to ask.

10. Don't be pushed into making a decision until you are completely happy with the arrangements. Remember ... you have a choice on who to employ.

11. Don't part with any cash deposits up front. Your trades person should have adequate funds to purchase materials for the job. Ask about deposit insurance as it is readily available to tradesmen who are members of a trade association.

12. This is very important! Check if the builder is insured against claims covering property damage and personal liability in the event of accident and injury.

13. Notify your home insurance company and the local council about the work should there be a need to do so.

13. Submit a review of your Trusted Tradesmen and let us know how you got on.

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