Many things Distinguish A Good Tradesman From A Great Tradesman!

Picking a builder's name from the telephone directory isn't always the best option. You don't know their work ethics or the quality of their work. Good tradesmen gain their reputation through recommendation and referral from previous customers and through their association memberships such as ours.

If you know of people in your area who have had similar work done, drop by one evening after work and ask them about the firms they employed to to the work. Specifically, ask questions about the builder's timekeeping, cleanliness, the quality of service, any guarantees or warranties on the workmanship and of course whether or not they were good value for money. Value for money is not the same thing as the cheapest price! Cheapest is not always best; if you want a job well done, you often need to spend just that little bit more.You get what you pay for with building work just as you do with most things in life.

All FairTrades Members Are Strictly Vetted & Able To Offer You An Insured Warranty

Improved Consumer Confidence Due To FairTrades Vetting Process

FairTrades members go through a rigorous vetting procedure requiring the following; we look at the length of time a business has been trading; we check to ensure that our member companies have a clean legal history and a good credit rating; we obtain, corroborate and continuously update customer references. These checks ensure that the public know they are hiring professional home improvement specialists when they choose to use a FairTrades member.

Access To Free Legal Conciliation Service

We provide a full Conciliation Service, available through our experienced conciliation team to discuss any issues your company may face.

Members Code Of Conduct

  • Respect the Homeowner's rights at all times
  • Act appropriately and be transparent during contract negotiations; do not exert any undue pressure to secure a contract
  • Supply a written quotation when submitting a tender for contract
  • Comply with all laws, statutory regulations and Building Regulations
  • Maintain adequate employers and public liability insurance
  • Respect the Homeowner's privacy and take all steps to ensure the security of their home and a safe working environment, with specific attention to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and the safe and secure disposal of waste, and Work at Heights Regulations
  • Ensure that all work is started and completed on the agreed dates and that any unavoidable changes are clearly communicated to the homeowner
  • Arrive at the agreed time for appointments with the homeowner and to give advance warning of any unavoidable delay
  • Ensure that all work is completed to pre-defined specifications and budgets as defined in an agreed contract. All changes must be communicated and agreed with the homeowner prior to proceeding
  • Ensure that all works are completed to the highest possible standards and that all guaranteed elements of work are agreed
  • Leave all areas clean and tidy at the end of the day, and to remove all rubbish upon completing the contract
  • Have a complaints procedure that ensures you will respond to any complaint in a reasonable time and in a proper manner
  • Be fully responsible for all colleagues and sub-contractors in meeting these standards at all times
  • Provide written guarantees for workmanship and materials and, whenever possible, an Insurance Backed Guarantee; at the very least provide information to allow the offer of an Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Ensure that your currently excellent legal and financial credit rating is maintained and does not fall below our required limits. This ensures that only the most professional and reliable contractors remain on our directory

To date, we have insured £5,475,019,050 worth of UK home
improvements, thats 1,504,029 jobs!

Our Find A Tradesman directory has helped produce
651,216 consumer reviews and ratings!


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