Many things Distinguish A Good Tradesman From A Great Tradesman!

Picking a builder's name from the telephone directory isn't always the best option. You don't know their work ethics or the quality of their work. Good tradesmen gain their reputation through recommendation and referral from previous customers and through their association memberships such as ours.

If you know of people in your area who have had similar work done, drop by one evening after work and ask them about the firms they employed to to the work. Specifically, ask questions about the builder's timekeeping, cleanliness, the quality of service, any guarantees or warranties on the workmanship and of course whether or not they were good value for money. Value for money is not the same thing as the cheapest price! Cheapest is not always best; if you want a job well done, you often need to spend just that little bit more. You get what you pay for with building work just as you do with most things in life.

All FairTrades Members Are Strictly Vetted & Able To Offer You An Insured Warranty

Improved Consumer Confidence Due To FairTrades Vetting Process

FairTrades members go through a rigorous vetting procedure requiring the following; we look at the length of time a business has been trading; we check to ensure that our member companies have a clean legal history and a good credit rating; we obtain, corroborate and continuously update customer references. These checks ensure that the public know they are hiring professional home improvement specialists when they choose to use a FairTrades member.

Access To Free Legal Conciliation Service

We provide a full Conciliation Service, available through our experienced conciliation team to discuss any issues your company may face.

Don't Get Caught Out By Cowboy Builders - Use Quality Vetted Tradesmen

The FairTrades Association, which currently has over 3700 tradesmen in our business directory strongly urge homeowners to be aware of rogue traders offering to do property repair work during the coming winter months. As the weather steadily gets worse, rain, snow and wind will do considerable damage to many british homes. Guttering, roof tiles, pointing and poorly fitted glazing all take a battering in these poor weather conditions and home owners should only use reputable and honest tradesmen should the require emergency repairs.

Stuart Carter, Head of PR and Marketing at TrustMark, said: "Whilst rogue traders operate throughout the year, there is likely to be an increase in their numbers following extreme weather conditions involving high winds, a cold weather snap and floods. Bogus property repairers often trick people into paying high prices for unnecessary or shoddy work so I would advise consumers to be extra vigilant and only use reputable and legitimate tradesmen. Never agree to have work done by somebody who turns up uninvited on your doorstep."

Below is a checklist that TrustMark put out in a press release recently offering some simple steps for householders to repair their property following weather damage:

  • In the first instance check with your insurance company to see whether they have a procedure for dealing with damage as a result of the weather.
  • If you do need to find a tradesman to do work, get quotes from two or three local firms and be specific with a detailed, clear brief of the work you want done.
  • Ask friends and family for a recommendation and check the TrustMark website at to ensure that the tradesman is registered for the particular trades you require.
  • Use a firm that has a fixed address and uses a landline phone number. Be very wary of those only willing to give you a mobile number.
  • Don't just go with the cheapest; consider your ability to communicate with the firm and their quality of their work.
  • Only pay for work that has been done and do not pay in advance. Ensure that you obtain clear invoices of the work carried out and ideally pay by cheque or credit card.
  • If materials need to be bought in advance by the tradesman, it is reasonable that the customer is asked to pay a fair percentage of these costs as the job progresses.
  • Always use a written contract as it offers you protection should anything go wrong.
  • Agree in writing any changes to the agreed contract value and ensure these are made in writing before the work is done.

TrustMark is the only scheme supported by Government, industry and consumer protection groups. It has the support of many partner organisations, including us here at the FairTrades Association, the Trading Standards Institute and Citizens Advice which are aiming to raise standards within the industry and provide greater protection for householders in their search to find local, quality tradesmen. Homeowners are encouraged to give FairTrades a call on 08707 384858 if a tradesmen claims to be a member of either HomePro or FairTrades. We would be happy to confirm that they genuinely are a member of ours.

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