The FairTrades Association Champions Hard Working, Honest & Reliable Companies

More About The FairTrades Multi Trade Association

Established over 30 years ago FairTrades has always been the champion for hard working, honest and reliable tradesmen, no matter what they trade the operate in. Poor consumer confidence has changed the way the general public contract with builders, double glazers, roofers and even those in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom industry. There are many unscrupulous businessmen out there, but there are more tradesmen with great reputations who have build up great businesses thanks to the great work they do. FairTrades celebrates these businesses by promoting our members, FairTrades provides additional marketing and promotional tool to aid their expansion and we display feedback from their clients in our business directories for the public to see.

To combat the rogue traders menace we uphold a set of minimum requirements, our Customer Charter. All our members must subscribe to this charter. Both FairTrades and our association members are expected to uphold the high standards that both the public and those directly in the various building and home improvement trades have come to expect from our association's members.

Fair Trades Ltd was founded back in June 1983, some 21 years ago. FairTrades was later purchased by in January 2000. In 2001 the Group gained membership to the General Insurance Standards Council (GISC) before completing the full merger of both businesses under the one umbrella. (HomePro Ltd & Fair Trades Ltd)

In 2005 HomePro Ltd achieved *FSA authorisation (*Replaced by the Financial Conduct Authority in April 2013), with FairTrades becoming an appointed representative. Soon after we launched as part of our online initiative and as our portal for Trade Professionals.

To date the Group has provided over 1 million Insurance Backed Guarantees to homeowners having home improvement works done by our members.

Today we are expanding our reach and have a second premises in Guildford, Surrey. As a multi trade association we are able to accept members from not only the double glazing market but also Kitchen, bathroom installation and manufacturers, roofing companies, pavers and alternative energy companies such as those in the solar storage and heating field.

You've worked hard to establish your business and you deserve it to succeed. Joining a trade association is the next logical step, so why not Join FairTrades today?

To date, we have insured £5,451,952,342 worth of UK home
improvements, thats 1,497,112 jobs!

Our Find A Tradesman directory has helped produce
648,319 consumer reviews and ratings!


Fair Trades is the trading name of Fair Trades Ltd. Fair Trades Ltd is registered in England
Company Number 1813671. Registered Office is Suite 40B, Port of Liverpool Building, Pier Head, Liverpool, L3 1BY
General Enquiries: (+44) 0800 131 0123 - Membership Enquiries: 0800 131 0500 - Fax: (+44) 0800 131 0900