Bedroom Design and Planning - Top Facts

Bedroom Design and Planning - Top Facts

Since we all retire to our bedrooms at the end of the day, it makes sense that it should be decorated to provide the best degree of comfort. There are plenty of things to bear in mind in this sense.

Bedroom Design Considerations

  • Colour is paramount - will your bedroom be relaxing or too over the top? Experiment with different colour's and tester pots before making the final decision.

  • Your lighting fixtures - Consider lighting as well in your design - do you want soft mood lighting or a brighter ceiling light of some kind? You should think about modern or traditional styling as well; modern may require spotlights whereas traditional designs may include lampshades or even chandeliers. The style will also affect other items you choose for your new bedroom design.

  • Cupboard or Wardrobes - Another point to consider is whether to have built in wardrobes or freestanding ones. Think about the space you have and whether there is anything on the wall that may prohibit you doing this, such as power sockets.

  • Storage - How much do you need to store? If you have many coats or shoes, build a cupboard with the space to house them all, if you love reading then perhaps you should consider additional shelving and bed side lights?

  • Most Importantly - Perhaps the most important consideration of all is your lifestyle. We all have different needs so you need to ensure yours are met in your design.

Considerations when deciding which local company you will be contracting to design and fit your bedroom

  • Price vs Quality - We agree that the quoted price will play an important role, but the price goes hand in hand with the level of quality workmanship received, so make sure you consider both sides of the coin.

  • Written Guarantee & IBG - Ensure that your fitter can provide you with a written guarantee for the work; ask about this before you give the the contract to work in your home. They should also provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) to cover the work they do. In the event that they should go out of business for financial reasons you would then be able to claim against faulty workmanship for a period of up to 10 years. The insurance backed guarantee mirrors the installers personal guarantee period. You should always have a copy of your installers personal guarantee filed in a safe place.

  • Evidence & References - Make sure you have evidence of previous work they have undertaken so you can check the quality prior to hiring them as well. They should also be certified and qualified as an electrician if you require them to fit sockets and/or light fittings as part of the finished design. Make sure they are also a member of a relevant trade association, as this will also give you some confidence in their work.
As you can see, focusing on all these areas will result in the best finished bedroom design possible.

Business Owners

5 places to bring in new business as a bedroom fitter: There are lots of ways to find new clients who need their bedrooms refitted. A proper web site is a good place to start. Make sure you add before and after photos of previous work you have done for other clients. Add a contact form so people can email you as well. You should also look for other ways and places to advertise online, in order to reach the biggest audience, such as in directories.

Dropping flyers locally door to door helps too, since many people may not know you offer a bedroom fitting service. You can also go further a field and get a stand at the KBB shows in Birmingham and London if you want to raise your profile further. It is also wise to join the relevant trade associations and also to make the most of word of mouth recommendations from other clients.

You've worked hard to establish your business and you deserve it to succeed. Joining a trade association is the next logical step, so why not Join FairTrades today?

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