Creating Bespoke Kitchens? Consider The Living Space - Cost & Family Life

Kitchen Top Tips

If you install kitchens for a living there is plenty to consider if you want to make the most of your business. Consider the following pointers and see how they can enhance your level of success.

6 kitchen design considerations for homeowners

Traditional, contemporary or modern? Choose an appropriate style and then design it. Consider your budget too, as different finishes directly relate to the price you will pay. Think about whether to invest in integrated or stand-alone appliances. Three other points to note are which handles to choose, whether to have a breakfast bar or island, and whether to opt for tiled or painted walls.

8 important kitchen installation requirements to make note of in the UK

Firstly the countertop height should be 36 inches from floor to top of counter. Secondly it is also vital for the countertops to be level. The working triangle (between the sink, cooker and fridge freezer) should also be put into place.

One of the most important requirements is to comply with all current regulations. All appliances should also be fitted by a qualified person. Before any installation occurs the kitchen should be properly measured and all measurements double checked. When planning, different cabinets should be borne in mind to make the most of the size available. Finally consider the ramifications of using integrated appliances as opposed to freestanding ones, such as dishwashers for example.

6 considerations when choosing a kitchen fitter

Choosing a kitchen fitter is an important task. You must look for a competitive price for starters, followed by a good work history. Are they known for quality work? Look for membership of a trade association and ensure deposit insurance is also offered.

Most importantly of all make sure they offer a written Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). If you can view previous work, so much the better as it will give you confidence when selecting them to do your kitchen. You should also look for recommendations from friends for additional security and confidence.

There are a few important points to discuss with your prospective kitchen fitter. If they are not able to advise you on these very basic points we would suggest that you continue your search and get quotes from a few more companies. There are lots of things to consider when creating a new kitchen. Fitters should give advice on aesthetic matters such as choosing the right coloured kitchen to go in the room. Practical matters should also be noted, including the need for enough space to accommodate an island. Extractor fans can be ducted outside instead of recirculating, but this will require additional work and an outside wall.

Another question is what material to use for the worktop - granite, wood or laminate. Finally consideration should be given to all light fittings, wall sockets and switches, to ensure they meet regulations.

Business Owners

5 places to market your business as a kitchen fitter to bring in new clients: The best method of all is to practise excellent workmanship, as this leads to great word of mouth referrals! This should include providing an Insurance Backed Guarantee on all your work, to ensure the homeowner is properly protected.

You can also distribute flyers locally, join trade associations and even advertise on local radio. Build a website too as this enables people to contact you and see pictures of work you have already done.

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