Building Regulations & Other Planning Permission

Building Regulations and Planning Permissions for Lofts

When you decide to go ahead with your roof loft conversion, it is essential that you comply with the necessary building regulations and planning permissions. As each house and job is different, you must look at what building regulations you need to abide by, and whether or not you need planning permission. It is also important to realise that building regulations and planning permission are two different things, but you must comply with both of them at all times (if your loft conversion requires planning permission).

When converting a loft or attic into a "liveable space", you need building regulations approval. Building regulations will vary depending on the type of property you live in and how many floors it has. Current building regulations cover aspects such as structural stability of the conversion, structural strength of the floor, a level of sound insulation between the two floors, safe design of the newly constructed staircase and a means of safe escape in the event of a fire. Some of the building regulations are detailed and complex, but it is essential that you comply with them at all times. Nowadays most loft conversions do not need planning permission. However, if the roof space is altered or extended more to a greater degree than what is specified in the government legislation, then you will need planning permission. You will not need planning permission if the converted space and any extensions on the roof are within the requirements of the legislation. You will be limited in the appearance of materials you can use, and the ability to add things such as balconies and verandas to your loft conversion. You should check the exact criteria to determine whether or not you need planning permission.

Building regulations and the requirements for planning permission can change over time, so be sure to keep up with the latest developments. If you are employing someone to do the work, a professional and experienced company will most likely operate within all the legal requirements. These measures are put in place to help ensure that any work carried out is safe and secure.

We strongly urge you to visit the planning portal for information on planning permission for lofts

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