What Should You Do About Moss On Your Roof?

No matter what kind of roof you have, you may have noticed that it has a build up of moss on it after a while. The older the roof is, the more likely it is to have moss present.

The question is whether you should do anything about it and whether it causes any harm to be there. In truth it can be problematic but it is only likely to cause problems when it has been there for a while and there is a lot of it. The older the roof is the more likely it is that you will have a lot of moss on it, so it is worth keeping an eye on it, if water starts finding its way between the roof tiles, take swift action.

One of the biggest problems with moss is that it holds a lot of water. It doesn’t take a lot of consideration to realise that a lot of moss will mean you have a lot of water sitting on your roof – even if it is a pitched roof. An older roof will not be as sturdy as a brand new one, so it may be worth getting it removed if you see a lot of moss on the structure. Many builders and roofing specialists suggest there is only a need to do something should you have a problem as it is a very messy, not ot mention expensive exercise.

But it isn’t just the main roof that can have problems when it comes to moss build up. All the professionals recommend that you keep an eye on your gutters. The gutters can easily be blocked when moss either starts growing in them or is washed into them during heavy rains. So keep an eye on them from ground level and take appropriate action if you notice any problems.

Is Cleaning Out Gutters a DIY Job?

Your gutters are an essential part of the exterior of your home. Unfortunately, most home owners take them for granted. When they are in good condition it is understandable that we would do so. They ferry the water away from the roof and down the drainpipes, possibly into a water butt if we have one. They also stop the rain from sheeting down the walls of the house, damaging the brickwork and pointing as it does so.

But as with all aspects of a house, the guttering needs regular checking to ensure the system does not become blocked. Debris such as leaves and dirt will build up in the gutters over time and cause blockages that can prevent the water from draining away as it should. If it builds up to a large extent it may even get washed down the drainpipe to cause trouble in the drains. Jet washing drains can cost you a lot of money.

The good news is that you should be able to clean out the gutters regularly in just a few minutes. This holds true if you are able to get up a ladder and clean them out without any trouble. Single storey buildings are quite easy to do, but if you live in a house you may be better hiring someone to do the job for you. Always remember that safety should come first and ensure you feel secure and you use the ladder properly. Cleaning out your gutters can be a DIY job – but only if you feel secure doing so and you follow a few health and safety tips. The key safety tips are to have someone foot your ladder at all times and fix the top of the ladder to a point at height while working. Never tackle a job that is so high without taking appropriate safety precautions and rather employ a trained specialist if you feel out of your comfort zone. Safety always comes first.

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