Everybody Wins With Insurance Backed Guarantees

Insurance Backed Guarantees Help Close Deals & Win Back Consumer Trust!

FairTrades members provide HomePro Insurance IBGs. HomePro is one of the largest Insurance Backed Guarantee providers within the UK marketplace, offering unrivalled levels of service and professionalism in the industry.

As an FCA registered insurance brokerage they deal with over 3000 companies in the home improvement sector providing FairTrades members with some of the best IBG's available.

HomePro's insurance products cover a wide range of trades including, but not limited to, Glazing and Conservatory installations, Roofing, Extensions, Loft Conversions, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom installations plus many others.
We have been long term members of FairTrades and we believe it has brought us many contracts and new business contacts - Mr Paul Jones, Jones Bros Ltd.

How Does An Insurance Backed Guarantee / IBG Help Consumers?

Fuelled by the £18 billion spent on the home improvement market each year - IBGs are the ultimate peace of mind products for consumers and businesses. Initially IBG's were aimed at businesses that want the benefit of including an insurance product to back up their warranty on all of their works as standard, but today legislation has made it a mandatory requirement for the glazing industry to provide an IBG with every job completed. Roofing, Loft and Kitchen fitters also use this insurance product extensively and with the extensive media coverage of programs like DIY Disaster and Rogue Trades, etc. We are also finding home owners are now increasingly requesting that an Insurance Backed Guarantee be provided as part of the overall deal.

This can help differentiate your service from those of your competitors by giving your customers the unrivalled peace of mind (as standard) that only an HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee can provide. Provided for businesses that want the flexibility of having the facility of Insurance Backed Guarantees available, but want to allow the customer to choose whether they want the policy or not.

Given the length of a warranty provided by glazing, roofing, solar and kitchen fitment companies warranty period, it's seems prudent that home owners should request that an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is issued alongside the installing companies own warranty which could be valid for up to 10 years.

A lot can happen to a business during 10 years, particularly true in today's volatile business environment where company margins are being squeezed hard by the increased competition and then manufacturing sector. Should the installation company cease trading due to financial reasons, it is the home owner who would be left with faulty workmanship, equipment or the initial deposit. An IBG would step in and cover the home owners financial investment if this was to be the case.

What Does An IBG Cover?

Up to 10 years cover is available on "cessation to trade" for IBG customers and Deposit protection is also available. For FairTrades TrustMark members "Work in Progress Cover" is an additional feature included in the standard IBG policy.

If your own guarantee is transferable, any Glazing, Conservatory or Solar Insurance Backed Guarantee supplied to your customers will also be *transferable to the new owners of that property if it is sold during the guarantee period. This is another great selling tool for our members. There is a high level of interest in Insurance Backed Guarantees within UK households.
  • Workmanship for a period of up to 10 years
  • The materials used for the period of the manufacturer's guarantee to a maximum of 10 years
  • Recovery of Deposit Payments up to 25% of contract value to a maximum of £10,000. This cover lasts for 90 days from payment of deposit
  • Work in Progress Cover of up to 25% of contract value when the FairTrades member is also TrustMark registered

To date, we have insured £5,474,849,821 worth of UK home
improvements, thats 1,503,998 jobs!

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