TrustMark Membership - The Fair Trades Association is an Approved Scheme Operator for TrustMark.

Since we are is an Approved TrustMark Scheme Operator, it is now easier for you to join their growing membership today through FairTrades thus enhancing your business reputation and you too can help stop ‘Cowboy traders’ give your profession a bad name.

What is Trustmark?

  • TrustMark is a quality mark. The nationwide scheme is backed by the Government to assist consumers identify trustworthy and reputable tradespeople in the home improvement, maintenance and repair sector.
  • The FairTrades Association is one of only 29 scheme operators approved to recruit tradespeople judged to be worthy of carrying the TrustMark logo.
  • TrustMark annually audits scheme operators to ensure standards and processes are being maintained.
  • Scheme operators are also tasked with improving and enforcing standards within the trade. 
  • The TrustMark logo has become increasingly valued by consumers alongside the logos of other trade bodies so is of huge benefit when tradespeople advertise their services. Many home owners are also choosing to identify reputable local tradespeople directly through the TrustMark website. 
  • The TrustMark logo can only be used by tradespeople and scheme operators that meet the TrustMark Core Criteria. The Core Criteria include things like the vetting of tradespeople by way of on-site inspections, their financial strength, health and safety compliance and the way that complaints are handled.

What's in it for tradespeople?

  • Membership to FairTrades, HomePro Insurance and TrustMark greatly enhance your reputation.
  • You receive more enquiries, produce more quotes, win more business and make more money!
  • The TrustMark logo is recognised by an ever-increasing number of home owners.
  • The FairTrades logo is recognised by an increasing number of home owners and tradespeople as we continually work at expanding our reach.
  • National and local advertising on TV, radio and in newspapers can generate a significant numbers of enquiries.
  • As of June 6 2014, all glazing firms were legally obliged to provide an Insured Backed Guarantee to customers. All other trades participating in TrustMark may offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee to their customers which includes “Work in progress” cover.
  • If you join TrustMark through FairTrades you will benefit from having your details listed within the FairTrades “Find a Registered Tradesman” Tradesmen’s Directory. You will also be listed on TrustMark’s website and the HomePro website providing you with extensive coverage. (In 2013, in excess of 5.2 million trades person's details were provided to members of the public through TrustMark’s website and their 24 hour telephone helpline).
Home owners frequently ask: 'Are you a TrustMark tradesmen?'

TrustMark Approved Insurance Provider

The Home improvement market is growing and our customers are wise to the fact that such investments need protecting.  Mr Paul Cooper - Director, Meridian South East.

HomePro Insurance supplies FairTrades Association members with IBG's. They have made the administration process streamlined and aim to send out IBG documentation to our associations customers within a market leading response time of just two working days. With HomePro IBG's it really is as simple as 1,2,3.
  • You supply an IBG point-of-sale leaflet to all your customers.
  • Send your customer's contact details to us when they agree a contract with you or upload the customers details directly to our secure system.
  • HomePro Insurance sends all of the IBG documentation to your customer. It's that simple!
Because HomePro Insurance is authorised and regulated by the FCA, your business does not have to be. HomePro Insurance has the responsibility of answering your customers’ questions and distributing all of the relevant paperwork documents. If your customer has any questions regarding their IBG, HomePro Insurance will answer them, so that you don't have to worry, giving you more time to dedicate to your trade.

The IBG scheme is a fantastic asset to any business and membership to FairTrades also entitles you to the following additional benefits and services.

Online policy input is now easier for you than ever before...

To save you even more time and to speed up the documentation process, association members can input their IBG requests directly into our online system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Of course, you can also fax your requests to us if that is your preferred method.

Then there is the biggest sales aid of them all - the excellent insurance backed guarantees scheme. With its various forms of cover, it allows customers to place high value deposits in complete peace of mind, thereby aiding our cash flow!

To date, we have insured £5,451,952,342 worth of UK home
improvements, thats 1,497,112 jobs!

Our Find A Tradesman directory has helped produce
648,320 consumer reviews and ratings!


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